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One of the metropolises of Iran. The center of the West Azerbaijan province and the city of Orumieh in the northwest of Iran. This city is one of the most beautiful and lovely cities in Iran, with many natural and artificial tourist attractions. The town was formerly a trading center. It is located in the region due to its proper position among the Caucasus highway, the Middle East and Asia Minor. Urumieh has an international airport and a train station and bus terminal, and you can easily travel there. In this article, we plan to introduce you to 8 of the best places to visit Orumieh. When you visit this beautiful city, visit these spectacular sites and take your journey to the ultimate pleasure.


Lake Orumieh

Lake Orumiyeh is the largest private lake in Iran and the second largest lake in the world. Orumieh has a privileged geographic location 20 kilometers from Lake Orumieh. Orumieh Lake Housing 212 species of birds, 41 reptile species, seven species of amphibians, and 27 species of mammals. The lake has more than 100 small rocky islands where migratory birds are stopped, including flamingos, peaches. Because of the over-salinity of the lake, no fish live in this lake. According to research, water and salt and slime of this lake are prescribed for the treatment of cutaneous, bone, and rheumatic fever.

Nanni Maryam Church

The Nanni Maryam Church, now called the Eastern Church of t

He Assyrian is located on Quds Street in Orumieh. It is one of the most extraordinary and historical works of the Assyrians of Orumieh. This building was restored during the centuries. The current version belongs to the Sassanid era. This church has fascinating palaces and a very lovely mirroring, comparable to the architecture of Sassanid fire temples.

Orumieh sole dokol Waterfall

One of the highest waterfalls in Iran, known as Dizaj, is one of the most spectacular places in Orumieh. This cascade is located on the slopes of the Dalanpour Mountains in the borderline of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq. You can quickly go to this address by car and enjoy this beautiful waterfall. Address: Southwest of Orumiyeh – Dizaj village from ziveh province.

Ski resort Khoshavo Orumiyeh

This ski resort is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Iran. Many tourists use this Ski resort throughout the winter season. If you are visiting this place for skiing, it should be noted that this track is only available on Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm. Address: Orumieh – Silvana section – Khoshakov village.

Hot Water Fountain Haftabad

The hot water spring of Orumiyeh has located 45 km from the city and in a village called Haft Abad. A passive volcano mountain is near this spring, which makes the beauty of this place double. This Hot water is a lovely place, and most of the passengers traveling to orumieh are heading to the area.

Orumieh Museum

If you visit Orumieh, be sure to visit this beautiful museum. The museum has been in operation since 1346 and has historical and ancient objects of various historical periods. You will also find a lot of old books and old versions in this museum. There are many other works in this museum. But in this section, there is no opportunity to address everyone and explain one to one. It’s your chance to visit this museum and enjoy it.

Address: Shahid Beheshti Street

Marmisho lake

The lake is near Lake orumieh. Because of the excellent reputation and beauty of the Lake orumieh, this pleasant lake has been forgotten, and tourism has come a bit there. But gradually, with the unfortunate events that fell on Lake orumieh. The lake became one of the most popular tourist destinations in orumieh.


Zanbil Mountain mineral water spring

This mineral water spring with therapeutic properties is located near Lake Uromieh. The beauty of this spring is a colorful pond that is only 25 cm deep. You can sit in it and use Its therapeutic properties. If you look elsewhere around you, there are also other springs, each of which, in turn, is a sightseeing attraction.


If you find a problem with finding this address, we will help you to experience the best trip in Orumiyeh. We can help you enjoy the beautiful attractions of this city with a pleasant journey. If you are having trouble finding a hotel or a suitable vehicle for a trip to this spectacular city. If you need a tour guide to show all the beauty of Orumieh, we help you to have a pleasant journey. By traveling to this historic city, while watching historical attractions, you can use the therapeutic properties of lakes and mineral water springs.

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